Relational Databases - A Bane !

Picked-up an interesting a note that had cursed RDBMS as early as October 15, 1991.

According to the author of this post Henry G. Baker, Ph.D.
  • relational databases set the commercial data processing industry back at least ten years and wasted many of the billions of dollars that were spent on data processing. And, Computing history will consider the past 20 years as a kind of Dark Ages of commercial data processing.
  • relational databases performed a task that didn't need doing; e.g., these databases were orders of magnitude slower than the "flat files" they replaced, and they could not begin to handle the requirements of real-time transaction systems
  • relational databases made trivial problems obviously trivial, but did nothing to solve the really hard data processing problems
  • Database research has produced a number of good results, but the relational database is not one of them

I guess, we in this blog have cursed the RDBMS enough here & here. But the real question is why hasn't this stream of thought picked-up by the mainstream developers since 1991?

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