Who would need Scalability?

Lets face it; Scalability is sexy. But it is not for everyone as it is difficult and cannot be justified without a proper return on the investment.

Unless you know what you need to scale to, you can't even begin to talk about scalability. How many users do you want your system to handle? A thousand? Hundred thousand? Ten million? Here's a hint: the system you design to handle a quarter million users is going to be different from the system you design to handle ten million users.

If You Haven't Discussed Capacity Planning, You Can't Discuss Scalability.

You don't need to worry about scalability on your application because nobody is going to use it. Really. Believe me. You're going to get, at most, 1,000 people on your app, and maybe 1% of them will be 7-day active. Scalability is not your problem, getting people to give a shit is.

Shut up about scalability, if no one is using your app anyway!

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