The Semantic Applications - User Experience 2.0?

People have been thinking about the making applications more User Friendly. One area of huge potential is making applications understand the human language and the true meaning in the language, also called as Semantics of the language. One example is the word "Press" could mean any of the following based on the context - Journalism, or a Printing Press, or a machine that shapes material by the application of pressure or a even weight training exercise! A machine/software cannot understand this outright.

This problem was thought to be a 'hard to crack' research project, if not unsolvable. Recent developments, about which this post is all about, is changing exactly that:

Open Calais, a Thomson Reuters initiative, wants to make the Web's content accessible, interoperable & valuable. Open Calais is a set of web services that automatically creates rich semantic metadata for any content that you provide. The Automated service has the ability to recognize people, places, companies, and events from unstructured text; which goes a long way in machine learning and natural language processing. Try a few showcase apps and find out for yourself.

Meet Siri, your very own online virtual personal assistant. Its a new way interact with the web. Like a secretary or a personal assistant, Siri attempts to get things done. "You can ask Siri to find a romantic place for dinner, and get reservations for Saturday night. You can discover things to do over the weekend, get tickets to the movies, or call a cab. You don't have to search through a bunch of web pages, following links and hunting down facts. Siri does all the work giving you the information you need at your fingertips." Science Fiction? I hate to disappoint you, but check

The most popular of all, a Computational knowledge engine that draws on multiple sources to answer user queries directly - wolfram | alpha, needs little introduction. It already made news waves even though it is its early stages of evolution.

Tired of SOAP? Any Information from Any data source is Available to Any existing application in real-time - that is a mouthful! But metatomix promises exactly that. Metatomix promises "a common semantic understanding of your information across the enterprise, providing you a 360° view of your business information".

Hunch literally means premonition! True its name hunch tries to predict what the user really wants. Consumer research have consistently shown that users answers to complex queries, and often do not even know what they want. You can ask Hunch questions like ‘what computer should I buy’ or ‘where should I holiday’, and it will give you a good recommendation rather than a list of places or computer manufacturers.

Semantics is a fast growing market and is NOT a field of research anymore. Semantic capabilities will be an expectation of future computer systems, else the systems will be left to bite the dust! But these are still early days, so keep your eyes wide open.

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Unknown said...

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L Perry said...

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