Microsoft Photo Syth - ecBook on Steroids?

Developed as a research project within Live Labs — Microsoft's applied research arm — Photosynth automatically stitches together digital photographs to create a somewhat abstract but high-resolution three-dimensional re-creation (called a synth) for the world to explore.

"Photosynth creates an amazing new experience with nothing more than a bunch of photos. Creating a synth allows you to share the places and things you love using the cinematic quality of a movie, the control of a video game, and the mind-blowing detail of the real world."

Its very hard to explain what PhotoSynth really is; You have to see it for yourself.

The main selling point for this project is that it can work today - get pictures that you take through your existing camera - to create a desired user experience, a nice 3D view that you can use to explore the subject further.

Scenarios like Exploring a historical monument/sculptor, or investigating a crime scene, or taking a virtual walk around the place you had been for your honeymoon, or even taking a tour around your friend whom you physically miss, becomes instantly possible!

Straight out of science fiction? No!

Where does this all leave ecBook? Well ecBook solves a different set of user/enterprise problems altogether - like moving your offline print catalog online & dynamic. But ecBook could learn a thing or two about visualization from PhotoSynth and bring that to the enterprise world.

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