Bugs in Google Suggest

We all know that Google suggest is really a cool feature of Google Search Engine. But recently I noticed a bug in Google suggest, it’s interesting.
Let’s look at it.

I was trying to search for a C# namespace in google, when I was typing “C# System.IO.”, google suggested me correct namespace which begins with "System.IO" but instead of showing "C# System.IO.Text", it showed "C System.IO.Text". When ever we try to search for C# help, suggest showing the result of C but intersting is when you select 1st suggestion and search for it, it will show your expected output even though the search keyword was "C System.IO.Text".

The above image is showing you everything i said, Anothor fact is count shown in google suggest is always different from the actual. And it never shows "C#" in suggest. Following image is very much interseting.

I was trying to search for "C# and c difference" but google suggest me "c and c difference". Its funny, isn't it ?

Let's see what google is saying about it.

Google Help on Search is saying that
"punctuation are ignored (that is, you can't search for @#$%^&*()=+[]\ and other special characters) while performing the search".

Then what i said above is not bug. BUT Google also saying that
"Punctuation in popular terms that have particular meanings, like [ C++ ] or [ C# ] (both are names of programming languages), are not ignored."

Then why google suggest missed this exception case ?

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Good catch.................

just type '#' (without quotes)..... and click search

now you can see the difference


check the following character iin the search and finalise your comments..

1. +
2. &
3. *
i think it support &

Anto Binish Kaspar said...

Hi venki,
punctuation are ignored (that is, you can't search for @#$%^&*()=+[]\ and other special characters) while performing the search.
Hope you got my point :)

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