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Aravind S

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Started my career as a humble Html/CSS programmer. Enjoyed programming the web with C#, CSS, JavaScript, ASP and ASP.NET. Management being Jealous, found that I was having too much fun and gave responsibilities that kept me away from coding!

Am passionate about fresh technology, people & processes that help create a better world. Other than work I like to spend time with my Family & Friends. I love contemporary Light Tamil Music.

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Anto Binish Kaspar

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I am working in E.C Software since April 2006 . I love to be the part of E.C software family.

I am coder. I am running multi thread OS on my brain. I love playing with virus. I hate Anti-Virus. My fingers favorites are "asdf lkj". My girl friend is Google. Life without her is so hard for me. My Best friend is Microsoft, i always fight with her. My new friend is Ubuntu, learning more from her.

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